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Thank you for coming to ! Here you can find a gallery of cool original photographs, free screen savers and free software. All downloads are clean and spyware free.

Since the photo gallery now contains more than one thousand photos I added a Photo Blog where I will keep adding my best photos.


Free Wallpaper ChangerTired of staring at the same boring wallpaper everyday ? Wondering how to periodically change your desktop wallpaper ? Get Wallpaper Slideshow, it allows you to easily change your desktop wallpaper. You can choose whether to change it periodically (for example every hour) or at windows startup.
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Free WallapersIn the 金百亿网站二维码app you can find a lot of scenic images, pictures of mountains, lakes, sea, country and other natural landscapes. Most photos has been taken in Italy, some in other countries like France, Germany and Denmark.

You can also find close-up images of flowers and little animals. You can download and use these photographs to decorate your computer desktop. All images are ready to be used as a wallpaper for your computer screen. All pictures are in jpeg format (low compression rate) and have a minimum size of 800x600, all newer photos are bigger, with a minimum height of 768 pixels. They are ready to be used as desktop wallpapers but if they don't match exactly your screen size you could use a wallpaper changer software like Wallpaper Slideshow which allows you to adapt pictures to your screen size.

You can find the wallpapers in the 金百亿网站平台官方 while in the New Photos金百亿网站下载注册 page you'll find the latest wallpapers I have added to my gallery.


Free Screen SaversIn the Screen Savers金百亿网站免费注册 section you can find screen savers developed by me using 金百亿网站平台官方

These screen savers contains photos from this photo gallery and new photos available only there. Moreover the images in the screen savers have a higher resolution and better quality. Come back often because I will add more screen savers.


The 金百亿网站检测检测 section contains links to the free software I developed to manage my photos and to prepare the screen savers you find in this web site. Now the software have its own web site: 金百亿网站网址ios

There you can find more info about 金百亿网站登录下载 and other free software.

gPhotoShow金百亿网站平台平台 is an utility for digital camera users and for people who likes to see pictures on their computer. gPhotoShow金百亿网站平台平台 is a make-your-own photo screen saver (or slideshow) program, very easy to use and with lots of features. In few minutes you can prepare a slideshow with your pictures and send it by email or put it on an autostart CD. 

I used 金百亿网站平台平台 to prepare the screen savers you find on this web site and the Photo CD. Take a look at it you will love it !


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